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space may be the final
frontier, but it's made in a
hollywood basement.
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you could write a fake suicide note, leaving me all of your worldly possessions and skip town.  especially the canon.  I need it.  my parents are having a vow renewal—they saw the pictures I took for the Milosis’ wedding, and said I should take pictures at their renewal?  so.

Clyde’s jokes aren’t even funny bad.  they’re just bad.  it’s kind of ridiculous.

well, we can run down to the crafts shop together and pick up some stuff everyone’s gonna need.  I think we all need a spruce up.  (does this count as recruiting you to the elf side, or are you still doing your thing with Clyde?) 

Pff, yeah right. I hardly own anything worth wanting, and what I do have I’m taking with me, sorry. Like hell I’d give my Canon away. I’m going to be buried with that damn thing. Are they seriously, though? I never really saw much of a point in vow renewals, they’re just a waste of money, if you ask me. How long’ve they been married?

I don’t know, dude. They’re like. So bad that they’re actually funny because you start to feel bad for him.

Sure, I’m fine with that. It’ll have to be later on, though. I need to get all my shit together first. Who else is going to be in on it this time? Clyde thinks he’s too cool for LARPing now, so I don’t think he’ll be up for it. So yeah, elf side it is.


I’m so surprised. Is that you Craig. Woah.

Oh yeah, I can literally feel the shock radiating from your entire being, Kyle. It’s kind of overwhelming, I think you need to tone it down a bit.


Surprise, guess who.

ulotrichousx replied to your post:
says you, nerdlord. WAITING for my shitty jokes. that in itself is the joke—that you actually want to see them. … I don’t know, like, two years ago, I think. but I guess it’s still being brought up, and I actually found my old stuff, and some of it isn’t that bad. it could use a few stitches and a wash, and some paint, but … (yeah, I’m up for it if you wanna get some of the guys rallied up later?)

Oh no, you caught me. How could I ever possibly live something like this down? But what can I say? I’m a sucker for shitty jokes. I mean, how else do you think mine and Clyde’s friendship has lasted so long?

Damn, has it already been that long? But yeah no, I’m free all weekend. I could probably find some of my old shit if I dug around my closet for a bit? It’ll probably take some time to, you know, make it wearable. But I’ll see what I can do?


pics from last night’s meteor shower (photo creds to my momma)

ulotrichousx said: I was going to leave a really lame joke in your inbox, but then I forgot the punchline, so instead, I'm just going to say expect one either on your phone or here in the future. near future probably. it was something to do with our old LARP sessions. because I guess that's still a thing.

Lame as ever, huh Broflovski? 

I’ll make sure to keep a look out for it, though. Actually, I’ll be anticipating it.
Still a thing? When wast the last time we LARPed, anyway?

graveyardgates replied to your post: i want to make a friends page but idk …

just one big pic of me

not even michael just one of your selfies


nerd (ur in)

i want to make a friends page but idk who would go on it


girls: spank me i’ve been naughty

me: its okay we all make mistakes 



graveyardgates replied to your post
holds ur hand

leans against him


grunts and laces their fingers together

So, how about that booze? [He tilts his head to look up at Michael, grinning.]